30 July 2010

"unexpected rainbows"

This morning I received a most unexpected rainbow in the form of a blog post from an inspiring writer-friend who lives in the east; join us both in finding your own "unexpected rainbows" today.

{Thanks, EB. Your delightful post fully captures the purpose of our little book of hippo and unicorn letters. It also reminded me that 2007--publication date--was a long time ago. 'Tis time for my next letter-book, methinks!}

unexpected rainbows

Ever read something that just grabs a hold of you and won't let go? The first time I ever read Lord of the Rings was like that. So was Terry Brooks' Shannara series. The Bible, well, let's just say that God has a way of bringing all those different authors together to make something amazing that no publisher on earth could ever dream of duplicating.

I was reading a wonderful book the other night (The Hippo and the Unicorn - co-authored by my good friend Elaine Phillips) and came across the phrase "unexpected rainbows". It referred to those things that we see around us that bring us joy, especially when we are not expecting it. Often, they are the biggest, yet we often miss them unless we take the time to stop, look and listen. It got me thinking, as the two friends in the book shared their favourite things that bring them joy, there are many things that bring a smile to my face and for which I am truly blessed to be able to enjoy. It is but a small taste.

- sunrise on the water
- a gentle spring rain
- books (sometimes I just like to smell them)
- the laughter of children (innocent and truthful)
- the sound of darkness

- long overgrown paths (they are full of promise and mystery for me)
- spiderwebs covered with the morning dew
- ice-cold water (nothing is more refreshing)
- a library (it is so full of knowledge just waiting to be discovered)
- silence

- underdogs (I'm a sucker for these movies)
- the tartness of anything made with lemons (meringue pie)
- glistening snow, untouched by man or beast
- the feeling of freshly cleaned sheets at the end of a long day
- a kiss from the one you love

- Brandenburg Concerto played by Yo Yo Ma
- ocean waves lapping on the shore
- a brook deep in the woods
- memories of my grandparents
- running (especially in the rain)

- the beautiful game
- secret passageways (I've always dreamt of having one in my house)
- eagles, hawks and other birds of prey
- the brave little tailor (my favourite book as a child--I wanted to be him)
- movie previews (continue to capture my attention)

- fire
- the magic of spring
- how quiet it is after a snowfall
- castles
- all of God's promises exhibited in the rainbow

- comfortable silence (two people can be in the same room and not have to speak)
- the power of a thunderstorm
- dragonflies
- creating a new name that has meaning only to you
- poetry

- clouds with definite borders (cumulonimbus in particular)
- golfing early in the morning
- eating blueberries right off the bush (reminds me of my grampie)
- waking up without an alarm clock
- early morning mist in the hollows

These are but a few of the things that bring me joy, that I don't often remember at the time, but will be more aware of in the future. I suggest you follow the example of Hroshi and Evangeline. Take time to look up, listen to the sounds around you and capture a little of the joy that God intended for all of us.

"God saw all that he had made, and it was very good" (Genesis 1:31).

If it is very good for Him, might it be good enough for us?

I most emphatically think so!

~ by EB

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