05 July 2010

Ode written by my niece

P.S. By my niece, Ashleigh Dianne Roberts:

A special someone
From over the sea
She could’ve visited anyone
But instead she came to me

She knows so many people
And has so many friends
She could’ve seen the pope at the steeple
But she came to be my special friend

She could’ve gone to Germany or Rome
She could’ve gone to England and Spain
But instead she came home
And because of her visit I will never be the same

I’m so very glad you came
Until we meet again
Thanks so much for coming
Dearest Aunty Elaine


Kathy Anderson Seidler said...

I love the sweet poem. It had me tearing up. Could be my menopause, but I think it was the sweet message in it to my dear friend. I'm happy you are home safe and sound. I look forward to seeing you. Let's not wait until school starts up again, ok? I'm much nicer during the summer.

EMP said...

Aah--you're nice (to me!) all the time.