11 July 2010

Lost and found

Hip hippo Ray! My luggage is here (as am I, after a couple of days of rest). The suitcases didn’t make it onto my London flight from Johannesburg last weekend, and so the first couple of Heathrow flights revealed nothing. I honestly thought I’d seen the last of my luggage, and I was okay with that—what’s one more bag after losing a whole container to Hurricane Mitch in 1998? But the airport staff tracked our bags (mine and another Red Deer passenger’s) all the way back to Africa, thankfully. It was fun unpacking: my sister had put little treats in my shoes. “Did you pack this bag yourself?!”

It pains me to say this, but healthwise my ear and lungs are still bothering me, and I may head back to the doc this week—albeit reluctantly, after three doses of antibiotics (not great for one’s body).

Off to church now and then to watch the World Cup Soccer Final. Go, Holland!

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