20 July 2010


Ugh. It’s been 3 nights since Saturday, and I’m still shaky and unable to keep food down. Must definitely be a bug.

Sunday’s sermon on the Trinity came and went—I trust I did no doctrinal damage to anyone who showed up as a guest at DCC! My friend and former Phoenician neighbour came, but left before I exited the sanctuary. Sometimes folk stay behind to talk to me, or ask me to send them my manuscript. By the time I got out into the foyer my friend had left (although I didn’t know she was there, so her e-mail came as a nice surprise).

I then went home (via Staples and Claire’s) and had a four-hour nap! Even for me that’s excessive.

On Monday I stayed close to home, and today I went out and did some work. Tonight’s one of the highlights of my week: “Tuesdays with Tammy”—a tradition of many years. More on the morrow.

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