16 July 2010

Girls at Guy's

Today is my friend and longtime accountability partner's birthday.

{Thanks for celebrating with me at Guy's today, Girls.}

Trio Barbie D, Rhonda P and Christine L have been getting together with me for more than ten years already to share our spiritual (and physical) struggles. We do not worship at the same sanctuaries, or live in the same city, or even have the same interests; our families look completely different and our ages range from 30-something (for six more months) to 40s and 50s.

BUT our friendship runs soul-deep, despite our differences--or because of some of them--and when we get together, IT'S A PARTY! (And we can cry if we want to.)

Guy's CafĂ© & Bakery owner, Monsieur Joudrie himself, got Barb up on her chair (in a crowded house at lunch hour) and gathered all his staff around him to offer a horrendous rendition of Happy Birthday. Children in the vicinity grabbed their mothers, dogs put their paws over their ears, cats fled, and in the distance wolves howled. Even I blushed, on Barb's behalf. But we certainly always remember our get togethers! Often one of us will show up absent (CSL was missing in action today), but we get together when we can, and have re-committed to doing so each month or two. (When I lived in Calgary we met weekly, then Barb moved to Mexico, and then I moved to Cochrane ... but time and space cannot separate us for long.)

One thing remains constant: our love and deep loyalty for one another, in sickness and in health.

To Guy's Girls: cheers!

[I would post a pretty pic here, but we forgot to take one in the midst of all that insane laughter. Watch this space for our Sept gathering of girls. Oh, wait--I have one of the four of us taken at Barb's daughter's wedding last summer.]

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