31 July 2010

Friday treasures

Yesterday my writing partner, EGM, and I went out to clear our heads
(we're both involved in deadline-driven work this week and next), and
joyfully (re)discovered some of Cochrane's treasures.

Pictured here:
Bernie's Bavarian Bakery for sustenance during our explorations; the
recycling depot where we found numerous suitable books at a ridiculous
price (they were priceless); Opa! for a lovely lunch of spanakopita
and salad, and a scenic drive along one of Cochrane's main roads, past
the eternally flapping flag central to our splendid town.

Not pictured here:
the charming Nan Boothby Library (for more priceless books); and a
charming little place called something like "Cochrane Home Treasures":
every nook and cranny crammed with further treasures (and, you guessed
it, books).

All in all, a fun and fruitful day.

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