23 July 2010

Best friends since 1979

Here Bronwyn and I are drinking tea in her mom's garden, and
reminiscing about our long companionship since childhood. It's hard to
believe we met more than thirty years ago! Last year this time we
celebrated three decades of friendship.

My cousin, Leanne, was at primary [elementary] school with Bron's
older sister, Glynnis; and when I moved from Kempton Park in 1979
[Grade 3] to a new school in Bedfordview, Bronwyn was in my class.

Oh, happy day!

One of our very first encounters involved trading sandwiches (or
"swopping sarmies" as we would have said then); Bron had Provitas with
cheese and I had brown bread with peanut butter and syrup--or vice
versa!--and each of us preferred the other's lunch.

And that's how it all began, if memory serves me well...

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