18 July 2010

Coming, ready or not

Last night I finished working on my sermon for today ... I'm always relieved once it's printed and I'm ready to roll ... and then I got really sick during the night. I'm glad I had started preparing my manuscript mid-week and wasn't still writing in between hasty trips to the WC.

Not nerves-kind-of-sick (I know what that feels like, and this ain't it). No, I mean, get-up-and-run kind of sick. Must've been something I ate. Eek. I hope my still sleeping spouse is okay!

I'm terribly sensitive to oil--have been since I was a child--and recently I've had a surplus of rich food. Since coming home, I haven't quite got back into the habit of our usual plain and simple eating style: viz. fruit, veg, few additives, plain proteins. Too many kind friends and neighbours have popped over with treats of late, and methinks my system is finally rebelling. Back to basics from this afternoon.

Oh well, if I have to sit on a chair and read my notes instead of offering my usual scintillating style, that's what I'll do--I doubt it will come to that, though. Hopefully I'll be less blurry around the edges in a couple of hours.

off to shower (and allowing myself a tiny moment of self-pity before I get on with my day)

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