18 July 2010

Post-sermon stillness on a Sunday afternoon

When I got home from church, I had a longer-than-usual Sunday afternoon nap (I'm physically under the weather today but emotionally well). Then I posted the following snippets on Face book:
Relief. I am home, and I made it through another sermon without being struck by lightning. Sometimes I am quite terrified as I take the few steps from pew to pulpit. Speaking God's Word has never felt "light" like teaching; and so I came home and had a very long Sunday afternoon nap. ...
My previous post sounds a tad negative, and it's not meant to (I really do take my occasional preaching very seriously). I also absolutely LOVE it--the prep, the prayer, the reading and research, the calm that comes once I've started speaking...the joy at the end.
In writing these words, I was reminded again what a privilege it is to get to stand up and say what God says in His Word; the Bible message of grace and joy and outward-focused love never ceases to amaze me.

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