27 March 2010

Early one Saturday morn in March ...

... and it feels like an age since I posted anything more than a title.

Hello again, dear Reader(s). The sun is almost up (unlike my spouse and two basement sleepers), and I've been awake since before 6--unusual for me, as you may know. I'm awaiting my gym partner's phone call to say she's on her way (at which time I'll exchange my reindeer-PJs and rich red bathrobe for track pants and a T-shirt), but in the meantime, let me write a few words about ... why I haven't been writing.

The reason I haven't been writing, dear Reader(s), is because:

Wait for it.

I've been writing! (Yes, it's too early for me to be up.)

What I mean to say is, I 've been writing elsewhere, and so this blog has been neglected. Watch this space--the phone is ringing.

15 March 2010

Midnight memories

In memory of our dad, Cyril David Phillips, 15 March 1932 to 7 October 2009.