03 November 2010

Penpals meet at last

Last weekend I met my penpal face to face for the first time.

When she left early on Monday, I finished my 2,000-word entry for this year’s CBC literary awards, and submitted it on Monday night, so instead of writing something original for this week’s blog, let me share what Sweet B wrote about our weekend together:

… I feel a bit like Avis from Julie and Julia this weekend. I hopped on a plane yesterday (thanks to my wonderful hubby who told me he and the kids would survive quite nicely for a few days without me) and have flown to Calgary to meet my Julia … with whom I have been a pen pal for months now. And this weekend we met. Since being picked up at the airport yesterday evening, I have been whisked off to Banff for two nights of complete relaxation. It is a lovely clear and crisp day here, and we are nestled in a beautiful little town in the middle of the mountains. I am in heaven. The only improvement would be to have hubby and kids here too. Next time. 

We spent the morning having breakfast across the street from our lovely hotel, and then we visited nearly every quaint little shop on the main street. I have fallen in love with the Christmas shop here and bought several little treasures there for our Christmas tree …

In an hour or so, we are going to go horseback riding in the mountains. I plan for it to be more successful than the last time I rode in the mountains, when the first horse of the day decided to go running after a deer and nearly lost its saddle (and me with it), and the second horse tripped over his own feet and fell with me under him. I have been riding several times since then, but this will be my chance to redeem myself on a mountain ride.

After that it's off to Banff Springs Hotel for tea … What have I done to deserve to be this spoiled, I wonder?

Amongst all the sightseeing, we are taking and laughing and taking pictures and L is chatting with complete strangers and we are generally getting to know each other. Any worries I had of not knowing what to talk about have been washed away. It's more a matter of not having enough time to talk about it all. Ah well, that's what letters are for. 
Time to go and finish my latte... mmm.
Yes, my new/old friend: what fun it was connecting in person, face to face, hug to hug, after months of putting our thoughts on pretty paper only. (Speaking of which: thanks for all my gorgeous gifts!) Thank you for taking the time to come and meet me. I had a simply splendid time this weekend. Wasn't it beautiful being surrounded by Rocky Mountains in every direction during our horse ride with Cedar and Ray-Lee? Here's to you: cheers! (raises imaginary chai latte)

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