11 November 2010

Nostalgia: Not What It Used To Be

Nostalgia: Not What It Used To Be

That’s the working title of my new book, officially started tonight. I’ve done much brainstorming and have divided it onto three sections, based on beloved Canadian author Peter Gzowski’s Morningside chapter headings: “Friends,” “Moments,” and “Countryside.”

My hope is to write about the special people and places it was my privilege to visit this past winter. What I have in mind is a photo-travel-journal format.

Between late May and early July I spent six splendid weeks in my homeland … and realised anew how much I love the voices and languages of South Africa. I also became aware (and was made aware by others!) just how Canadian I’ve become, eh? It’s true. I am now a foreigner in my native land. But I love being there and will return as often as possible in future. I do not take for granted my frequent flyer status: I’ve been back to Africa half a dozen times in a dozen years: an absolute privilege in today’s economy.

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