28 November 2010

Nov 28: worship, and a walk in the snow

This morning I chose to worship locally--more about that on my
CrossLight blog--and after the service I took myself out for lunch.

Here are some images I captured along the way to our neighbourhood pub
(where I'd intended to eat, since I felt like being alone). Alas, the
Cumbrian Arms was closed, so I walked across the road to Tim Horton's
for a bowl of chicken noodle soup--a sure cure for any ailment!

Nov 28 trees 0356.JPG
Nov 28 sun, trees 0357.JPG
Nov 28 BVBC 0358.JPG
Nov 28 BVBC 0359.JPG
Nov 28 Hill 0360.JPG
Nov 28 DQ TH panorama 0361.JPG
Nov 28 sun 0362.JPG
Nov 28 Chinese 0363.JPG
Nov 28 snowy stairs 0364.JPG
Nov 28 Cumbrian Arms 0365.JPG

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