11 November 2010

Memorial Drive photos

Earier this week I said I'd post my Memorial Drive photos today, and here they are:

I'll also post a couple of entries my students wrote for Remembrance Day (with their permission) later this month.

I worked today but developed a rather miserable migraine, and so had to quit halfway through the day. I'm feeling marginally better now. As Robin reminds me, "We'll try again tomorrow." Every day is a fresh start, workwise, healthwise, soulwise.

Lots happening this weekend. We have company ... and other comings and goings; details to follow after Sunday.

11/11 is a special day for me, beyond Remembrance Day (which I celebrate each year with gratitude and reverence for our veterans). 11:11 is also my magical minute. It's the time of day, 7 years ago now, that I began writing my very first book (which I eventually co-authored and published in 2007). Tonight I plan on officially starting a new book (I already have two underway: one is being co-authored with a new writing companion--we're at least halway!--and the other has been on my heart for years).

Tonight I will begin writing a mini-memoir of my recent trip to South Africa. Working title? See my 11:11 post, as I begin writing the first lines...

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