07 November 2010

2. Forgotten Voices

On October 17, Canadian author Barb Howe hosted her book launch in Calgary. R and I attended as special guests (I was Barb's cheerful editor!) and a few of us read excerpts from her lovely book of

Here is one of the notes of appreciation we received from preview readers:

The book Forgotten Voices reminds us that stories of brave and sacrificial people enrich our lives and understanding. Each one of the stories of the women who followed God's call to difficult places reminds this missionary woman of the ease of my own forty years of missionary service in comparison with the way in which these women lived their lives of service only a short time ago.

A Brief History of the CMA (Appendix One) serves to inform the non-Alliance reader of the development from a missionary-sending enterprise to the strong denominational presence it is today. Reading that history before reading the stories of the women gives a framework for appreciating how these dedicated women went to very difficult places of service and gathered a group, ministered to them and established churches.

The section about the Bible Instruction Society provides fascinating reading. Teaching the Bible in schools was done by a variety of women who sometimes faced opposition. At the least, they were responsible
for getting themselves from place to place (nearly always by walking long distances).

Forgotten Voices also emphasizes other aspects of religious education. Sunday school, youth meetings, Vacation Bible Schools and camps came into existence in many places because of the commitment of these
pioneer women. These stories must be told, applauded, and remembered. And Barb Howe tells them with accuracy and excitement. They will serve as a resource for those who want to share with children and youth the call to missionary service. They provide a written record for those family members whose loved ones are represented here. They serve as an accurate record of God at work through the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

– Barbara Wyman, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Religious Education, Emeritus, Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

Dr. Wyman was kind enough to write the forward to my first book in 2007; she was my prof at seminary and I admire and respect her gentle wisdom. {Thanks for encouraging BH in her journey, BW.}

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