28 November 2010

Ginger (treats) and Jean G at Norma's

Friday, Nov 26, was a perfectly wonderful day (until after supper,
when I was violently ill from some fish I ate: not my own cooking,

My dear Calgary friend and retired massage therapist, Jean G, comes to
Cochrane every so often to meet me at Norma's. This time I told her I
had written something (my "Ginger and Auld Lace" piece) to read to
her--we've been trying to lure each other's writings from their
respective bottom drawers for years--and, bless her heart! Jean
arrived bearing eighteen sweet 'n' spicy homemade ginger cookies ...
just for me. I took them with to Norma's and ate a couple with my chai
latte. In the third photo our dear Norma blissfully bites into one.

Later in the day, as I went to collect my mail, I bumped into Dutch
neighbour (and my twin), Irma--and promptly retrieved yet another of
Jean's treats from my crammed pocket to share with a willing
recipient. Irma had presented me with a perfect plateful of Christmas
goodies last weekend; more about that later...

Back to Friday:
It was one of those rare and memorable heart-sharing, goal-setting
days that have the potential to change one's life. I wrote late into
the night (despite some unfortunate symptoms from the above-mentioned
amd most regrettable supper), and awoke on Saturday with a renewed
sense of purpose and courage for the season ahead.

Ah: a fine day indeed.

Nov 26 JG, ginger 0345.JPG
Nov 26 JG, EP at Norma's 0352.JPG
Nov 26 Norma 0353.JPG

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