26 January 2010

Tuesday of trials

I'm on my way out ... mostly because I always go out for a few hours of refuelling on Tuesday nights, in rain or snow or windy weather, but partly because I need a break from the office. It's been a day of one technological trial after another.

Signing out (with relief),
Techno Babe

P.S. Today did contain a couple of sparkling moments. More details to follow when I'm in a more sparkling mood myself. [Note to self: write about EGM.]

I said in an earlier post I'd write about my King's Fold experience, but I'm not ready yet. Maybe when I'm older (next week this time) and greyer (day by day) and wiser (who knows when?).

Suffice it to say, I'm going somewhere else to celebrate my 40th birthday this time next year! :-)

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