26 January 2010

Early birthday surprise

Before I leave the office, let me share one good thing about this week so far:

Imagine my surprise when I found a sweet little gift bag on my snowy doorstep yesterday ... containing a "really woolly" birthday card and ...?

I have no idea.

Without a moment's hesitation I added it to the other sweet little gift bag received from a BC friend in early January. You may ask why I wait until Feb 2 to unwrap my treasures: I always do. One of my annual birthday joys is going away by myself and reading birthday mail (and once in a while, opening gifts from sweethearts who leave them on my doorstep ahead of time).

I was invited to attend a meeting in the city (I try and take Mondays off whenever possible, but this one was too important to miss) and it went really well. A good start to the week, made even better by my unexpected treat from beloved friends-on-their-way-to-Vernon. {Thank you, A & C.}

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