17 January 2010

The mystery of the missing cat

Last night R and I attended our seminary Christmas function.

In December, the students celebrate the end of the semester; in January, the academic and admin staff celebrate the start of a new term. I was surprised and honoured to receive a gift from my dean for having been an adjunct instructor for five years already. (Time flies, eh?)

I enrolled at the seminary in 2000 for an M.Div. degree; graduated in 2003; and began teaching my first course in 2004. Now it is my privilege to teach four (compulsory) courses: Basic English; Research Strategies; Christian Classics (my favourite); and History of Western Civ.

My history-loving spouse helped out as my consultant and technical advisor last semester. This year he has decided to enrol in a Master of Arts in Military History (specialising in World War Two). He enjoyed being my co-instructor and grew more comfortable in front of the class as the semester progressed.

At the staff supper, my colleagues and I had a splendid time solving a mystery involving the theft of a black cat ... and a widow's mite.

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