28 January 2010

Invitation to the Classics

Today's literature class was fun (for me, at any rate; the jury's still out regarding the rest of the class). We discussed the value of literature in an increasingly non-literate society, and examinded what makes a classic a classic. I emphasised the prevalence of classical (and biblical) allusions in our everyday language -- any examples are welcome -- and tried to instil a modicum of enthusiasm in my band of brothers.

Today I also introduced them to John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, one of the most widely read and oft' translated allegories of all time. (Not everyone had heard of Bunyan or his classic work, which means I've already taught someone something new.)

I suspect this class, hands-down my favourite of the four I teach, may be quite a challenge in many ways. I have renewed empathy for English teacher John Keating in The Dead Poets' Society (played by Robin Williams). But I'm up for the challenge: count me in! Already I'm looking forward to our next class together ...

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