21 January 2010

Shanghai Palace and a frosty drive home

Twice a year Robin and I celebrate life by joining two of our dearest friends at Shanghai Palace in NW Calgary. T & R celebrate their birthdays in July and August; B and I in January and February. The wider family celebrates major public holidays and seasonal occasions together at home, and has done so for a decade already, but our Jul/Aug and Jan/Feb meals are reserved for the four of us alone.

Tonight--as always--we each chose a favourite dish and then shared the food among us. We chatted amiably for hours, and reluctantly said our fond farewells when it was time for the babysitter to go home to bed.

What a foggy night to be out! We could barely see the car ahead as we slowly made our way home from the city to our sleepy little town, shrouded in mist. The hoarfrost was a feast for the eyes, eerily visible along the dark edges of our limited vision.

Tomorrow I'll be sure to get up early and see if I can capture some frosty frames for sharing here.

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