18 January 2010

More Glimpses on a Monday

See link [here, once it's written] for an article I had fun writing today.

It was my privilege to interview local author and humorous speaker Connie Cavanaugh for the next edition of the Horizon. The monthly column I now write--More Glimpses--used to be Connie's; back then it was simply called Glimpses.

After hours of visiting with this dynamic darling, I came home and tried to capture in words some of what we'd shared ... no easy task! I'll tweak my first draft tomorrow. The right words eventually come (as does my deadline, sometimes in reverse order). Thankfully I work for the world's sweetest editor (who prefers me to write these articles so that she doesn't have to!) and I'm not behind ... yet. A nice feeling, so early in the year.

Tomorrow's my monthly retreat day at Mount St Francis: oxygen for a writer's soul.

off to percolate

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