23 April 2010

Seagull & Colbert

Today Marilyn rode Seagull and I trotted up Scenic Trail on Colbert--both horses new to us. (Secretly, Dopey is M's favourite, and I've mostly ridden Banner or Morgan or Clayton, once I passed "beginner" status.) We arrived home a moment ago, and now I'm off to meet my local coffee companions at Java J.

{See you as soon as I've changed out of my horsey jeans, WH.}

The weather was perfect, despite the odd flurry just before we set out. Blue skies; birdsong; greening grass; a trace of snow still on the trail in shadowy spots. Wildlife today amounted to a very large partridge...in a pine tree. :-) Not a deer or coyote in sight. Back next Friday with more Griffin news.

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