14 April 2010

One year with my new writing partner

A year ago--April 11--I visited a friend during the Easter weekend. She and I had known each other for a little while, and had begun sharing our creative dreams. After publishing a co-authored book in 2007, I had chosen not to write with someone else again. This she knew. So imagine my great surprise when my friend asked if I'd write with her--consider her a "writing accountability partner"--and her even greater surprise when I said yes! (Yes, please.)

We haven't looked back, and are well on our way to finishing our first book together. She also encourages me to write on my own--something I'm not all that disciplined at doing, so having accountability is a gift!--and I am deeply blessed by this new chapter in my life as a writer.

Yesterday Evelyn and I drove out to Bragg Creek to celebrate our first year of many words, and spent a few quiet hours after lunch writing at the little Mountain Bistro. {Thanks for the delicious soup and good service, Katie.} At last I have made the decision to spend one day a week writing: no phone, no friends, no excuses. Watch this space.

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