14 April 2010

"April is the cruellest month"

April can be a cruel month indeed, at least according to T.S. Eliot (1888-1965), and my accountant spouse. The full weight of tax season is upon us, and the overflow of paper from our office seems ceaseless. (Somebody, somewhere, tell me a paperless office is possible!)

A week ago--Easter long weekend--my friend Tammy and I attended Kristin and Matt's wedding: radiant couple; splendid ceremony; fine food and memorable company. I'll write about that in due course (remind me a month from now if I forget). Coincidentally, the Born couple we sat with at supper knew two of my dearest Klassen friends, as well as the Hieberts from my home church. "It's a small, small world."

{Kris, what joy to see you again after so many years! You're lovelier than ever.}

Tammy accompanied me partly because my hubby was working, and she and I enjoyed our first girls-only weekend in almost a dozen years of friendship. So much fun did we have that we've vowed to go away on our own again; our families get together frequently, but it was nice to be alone, sleeping late, reading for hours, sharing interesting bits from our books, talking until one of us dozed off, walking through her old neighbourhood in the rain, attending church on Easter Sunday (a glorious service!) and dining out. On our last night, we ventured into a sidewalk café where a French chef was flipping crépes: my favourite food group. {Mom, I ordered cinnamon and sugar with lemon: the taste of my childhood.}

Each of us saw only a couple of friends while we were away; we chose to spend our limited time resting instead of travelling.

One of my favourite weekend treats was waking to the smell of fresh coffee (Tammy spoiled me by bringing me home-baked treats and hot beverages in bed each morning!) and I got to lie in while she showered. At night I bathed, and in the afternoons she read while I napped. A perfectly relaxing way to spend a long weekend! {Thank you, TM.}

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