10 December 2010

Alan R & EP at seminary banquet

BMC friend-from-the-80s-and-90s, Alan Ridgard, flew into Calgary this week for business, and drove to Banff tonight to spend some time getting more closely acquainted with our Canadian snow (there's lots
of it and it's all fresh).

Luckily for us, sleepy Cochrane is situated between the city (where we work) and the Rocky Mountains (where we play), so Alan was willing and able to pop by. I proudly dragged him up to my place of work after supper to introduce him to my kingdom colleagues and college students. I told all those assembled for our seminary Christmas banquet that Alan was responsible for leading me to Christ in high school... so many years ago. I was already attending Bedfordview Methodist Church, but during an Easter Camp where he was the speaker one weekend, I did the 180ยบ turn and started walking in a new direction. Best decision I ever made. Applause and hearty cheers followed my announcement, and Alan assured me he was not at all embarrassed by my introducing him to my academic dean and fellow pilgrims.

(Thanks for being a good sport, Al!)


P.S. Both Robin and I have walked (and stumbled on) some rocky parts of the trail since those heady high school days of innocent passion and zeal for God... and I am indeed thankful for the Spirit's faithfulness. He keeps us on our knees, looking Up.

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