17 October 2010

With Thanksgiving

Dearly beloved but neglected NLSC reader

Happy Thanksgiving!

The events of the past season to date are far too numerous to capture in this tiny blog space; without exaggeration I could write a book. In fact, I'm inspired by the very idea! (Jots down new book idea...alongside two other recent additions. One is to write about my memorable June trip to SA, highlighting the "friends, moments, countryside" I encountered, to use Peter Gzowski's phrase; the second is to join retired Hroshi's niece from Botswana, Hubble the hippo, on her new writing journey with a trio of pre-tween readers.)

This is my month to write: my week to begin. I am leaving in the morn (via Barb Howe's book launch in Calgary) for beautiful Fairmont, BC, where I will spend my annual Reading Week in silence and in (relative) solitude. My silent partner will join me this year; he finally persuaded me after several years of going away without him that being together is as good as being alone. :)

I have been struggling with some personal quirks (personality-related, I believe, but possibly pointing to deeper issues, according to some voices in my life) over the last little while, and this week will give me just the break I need from (or perhaps for) the season of soul-searching I find myself in. I have packed a few good books, my current journals, and a gloriously empty week-long do-to list.

In concluding this post, please see the next one from Hroshi; it's her autumnal hippopota-news letter. Enjoy.

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