28 October 2010

Honey B and Sweet Bee

Six months ago I had the privilege of interviewing Barb Glennie for the Baptist Horizon; we bonded at once and I wrote about our first phone call on this very blog.

Through BG I met her beautiful and talented best friend, Famous Author Jenn Kelly (whose book review I shall post here soon! {JK: you sparkle!}) and BG’s adorable brother-in-law, EB. I wrote about him, too, on Sept 1: his birthday. We have begun cheering each other on in our respective writing journeys and will both submit something this weekend for the CBC literary awards. {Go, EB!}

Shortly before EB’s birthday, I corresponded with his sweet spouse, Bee, for the first time. We instantly realised our mutual love of old-fashioned letters, written in ink, using stationery (imagine). So began our journey of words warm and comforting.

One family member at a time I have connected with each of these kindreds, and my heart is jubilant. I cannot describe this trio of new siblings, other than to say they’re somehow familiar; I recognise them; I feel as though I already know them. There was a Baker/Glennie-sized space in my life I didn’t even know was empty. Now I cannot imagine life without them.

Even their children have embraced me (we’ll talk about my nickname another day) and have resurrected a dormant dream in my life as a writer, and in the life (and stuffing) of shy new author Hubble, Hroshi’s niece from Botswana.

All this to say: both Barb and Bee will be in Calgary this weekend! Hip hippo Ray! My cup runneth over. I shall most certainly post details and photos aplenty of our special, sacred and silly times together in the next few weeks....

{See you at the airport tomorrow, Sweet Bee: only one more sleep.}

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