01 September 2010

Still Sept 1

As the day ends I want to say how blessed I feel today.

On CrossLight (my companion blog) I'll post something soon about a Spiritual Inventory I did online today--a complete disaster, showing catastrophic areas of growth needed, and soon!--but for now let me say I am at peace.

I live in a free country; rent a lovely home with a wild green garden; have more than enough resources to meet all my needs (and a merciful Creator who fills every part of me with His life-giving presence); I am surrounded by a quantity of quality friends, neighbours, colleagues and kin; I keep meeting new/old friends--earlier today Bee (BG's li'l sister and EB's soulmate) and I discovered that we, too, were both left-handed, enjoyed Austen and loved letter writing--and technology makes it possible to chat to friends long distance and feel like we're in the same room; I love celebrating Special Days with Special People and look forward to each new morning; and as I finish my teaching prep for the week, I realise I am glad to be "back to school."

As I lay me down to sleep, I am truly blessed.

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