01 September 2010

Sept 1, 1970

40 years ago a sweet little baby was born: EB.

I'll write more about my new/old friend later this week--when I've finished grading all my English Placement Tests, and survived my first week back at school, and downloaded the photos R and I took today for a book of poems I'm editing for a dear friend, and submitted the final round of changes to the designer for another book I've just finished proofreading, and written to my mommy (I promised her a weekly letter when I came home in July), and attended our first chapel service at seminary, and...more.

But tonight let me just say how, once in a rare while, I meet someone who seems...familiar.

Not only do we have an eerie amount in common, but already I feel a real fondness for my new friend's extended family. Like we were meant to be friends; meant to be part of the same extending, embracing circle.

And to think it all started with a phone interview for the Horizon last semester, and the writing of an article about my new/old friend's sister(in-law), which I'll post here on Friday. So: watch this space.

Happy birthday, EB.


(Why on God's green earth this is your chosen nickname for me remains a mystery, but there you have it...)

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