20 May 2011

Fond farewell (for now)

Dear occasional readers, “followers” and faithful friends

For several years I have been blogging rather randomly, at least according to my profile—although one of my blogs has seen more activity than others. In recent weeks I have undergone some changes in my health (and, alas, a return of that old nemesis, carpal tunnel syndrome). While I work towards using my hands less (!) to relieve the immediate symptoms of CTS, I have made the radical decision to cease and desist from blogging for the foreseeable future.

I love writing, and will most likely continue to do so (it’s oxygen for my soul), but I suspect I blog each week more out of habit than anything else. It seemed a good idea at the time….

Thank you for your kind input in my life in general, and this blog in particular. I shall leave the NLSC blog active for a while, and then decide whether or not to delete it. Please stay in touch via e-mail: emph71@gmail.com or FB: facebookphillips@gmail.com; I shall also post updates on my Web site: www.elainemaryphillips.com – thanks again.

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