19 February 2010

Two amigos and the man from Snowy River

Today my equestrian partner and I had the privilege of riding with a fellow horse lover, whom we named the man from Snowy River (because of his hat). The three of us had a lovely afternoon, despite--or because of--the fact that each of us had work we needed to be doing instead of spending a couple of hours on horseback.

The sun sparkled on the crusty snow; our horses ran with wild abandon; a small plane droned overhead, more than likely on its Springbank arc. On the ridge looking down over Griffin Valley Ranch the three of us stopped for a photo break [see here when Marilyn shares the pics with HB and me], and as I looked up at the huge blue prairie skies my soul saluted the scene below with undiluted joy.

All's right with my world today. Tell me about your world ...

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